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Lot Purchasing Requirements

The Cascades will be home to new and exciting business for Carlsbad! If you wish to be a successful purchaser of these lots, you must comply with, but not be limited to, the following:
  1. You must sign that you received and accept the guidelines for architecture in common areas for the Cascades at Carlsbad.
  2. You must sign that you received and accept to comply with the additional addendum to the covenants.
  3. You must receive full board approval for the purchase of the parcels.

Additional Requirements
While we are excited for anyone who becomes a part of this historic endeavor, we also want to ensure that the integrity of the scope of the project remains in place. The Cascades is intended to be an attraction for all of Eddy County and New Mexico, so uniformity will need to exist in all buildings. The overall look of the Cascades will be consistent to architectural guidelines, which can be found in the Cascades at Carlsbad Design Guidelines.

For more requirements for purchasing lots at the Cascades, please visit Additional Requirements.

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